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Maxillofacial surgeons perform a number of corrective treatments for misalignment issues, injuries, or other invasive procedures. At Riverwoods Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery, we treat patients near Pleasant Grove, UT with surgeries affecting the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, jaw, and face. When you’re getting surgery on a sensitive and exposed area like your face, it’s important to work with a specialist who can give you quality results. Our oral maxillofacial surgeon has gone through a rigorous training program that includes a hospital residency and dental school. Trust us to handle these delicate surgical procedures with the highest skill and experience.

Professional Oral & Maxillofacial Surgical Office

A maxillofacial oral surgeon is generally only required for tooth extractions where there are impacted teeth that have grown in at a problematic angle. However, they are required for other more pronounced disorders such as a bite misalignment or birth defect. The expertise of a maxillofacial surgeon is required for these procedures because patients must be put under general anesthesia while bones are reshaped and tissues are reconstructed. They are also experienced in treating patients who have undergone facial trauma due to an injury or want cosmetic procedures like dental implants for missing teeth.

These are some of the procedures our oral maxillofacial surgeon can perform for patients near Pleasant Grove, UT:

  • Dentoalveolar surgery (impacted teeth, complex tooth extractions, bone grafting, etc.)
  • Diagnose and tend to benign cysts and tumors
  • Malignant pathology (head, neck, and oral cancer) diagnosis and treatment
  • Dental implant insertion
  • Corrective surgery for cleft lips and palates
  • Healing chronic facial pain disorders
  • Treating TMJ
  • Reconstructive surgery for facial trauma
  • Treating jaw, cheek bone, nasal, skull, and eye socket fractures

Meet Our Maxillofacial Oral Surgeon

Our maxillofacial oral surgeon is called upon for a wide range of precise surgical procedures. That’s because our professional has received extensive education in their field and has accumulated vast first-hand knowledge over the years. In addition to the treatments mentioned, our oral maxillofacial surgeon can advise patients on oral cancers, facial pain, infection, and sleep apnea. We have the training to administer general anesthesia and make careful incisions to give you a more than satisfactory final result.

Turn To Riverwoods Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

It’s important to find a dedicated maxillofacial surgeon who you can trust with these sensitive treatments. You can rest assured knowing Riverwoods Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery has the expertise to answer your questions and deliver an exceptional outcome. Patients in Pleasant Grove, UT have come to us for many years to reshape misaligned jawbones and reconstruct soft tissues of the face, among other invasive procedures. As a member of multiple medical and dental associations, Dr. Jenkins is a licensed maxillofacial oral surgeon and medical doctor with ample skills to perform these treatments.

Our goal is to make you feel comfortable and safe when you visit our office. Schedule a consultation with our doctor and have all your questions answered before we begin treatment. Our experienced maxillofacial surgeon will help you find relief from a number of maladies affecting the hard and soft tissues of the mouth, jaw, and face. Contact us today at 801-437-7701 to learn more information.


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