The TMJ (temporomandibular joint) is the name for each joint (right and left) that attaches your bottom jaw to your skull. TMJ disorders are a family of disorders related to the complex TMJ joint. If you have symptoms such as jaw pain, facial pain, popping and clicking, open or closed locking, or painful chewing, you may have a problem with your TMJ. Dr. Jenkins specializes in the treatment of all TMJ disorders.

Where is the TMJ problem coming from?

TMJ disorders are similar to other joint injuries. The injury may be related to the joint, tendons, ligaments, or the muscles associated with the joint. It may be hard for you to distinguish where the problem is coming from. During your consultation, Dr. Jenkins will be able to determine the source of the symptoms and the solution to get you out of pain.

What treatments are available?

Although there may be many causes of TMJ pain and dysfunction, the treatments can be similar. The treatment for TMJ disorders ranges from conservative therapy to surgical therapy. Surgery is usually reserved for those patients who fail conservative therapy, and have a dysfunction that can be surgically corrected. Some of the treatments that Dr. Jenkins may prescribe are listed below.

Conservative therapies: soft diet, heat to the joint, anti-inflammatories, night-guard or occlusal splint, physical therapy, correcting posture, prescription medication (to reduce muscle tightness, grinding of teeth, or nerve pain), stress management techniques, massage, relaxation techniques, or jaw exercises.

Surgical therapies: Steroid injections, anesthetic injections, Botox, arthrocentesis, arthroscopy, articular disc repositioning, articular disc removal, or total joint replacement.

Will my TMJ ever get better?

As with other joint injuries, it may take time for your symptoms to begin resolving. You can take comfort in the fact that, with evolving surgical techniques and therapies, TMJ disorders are more treatable today than ever before. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Jenkins today to help you on the path to a healthy TMJ.


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