Facial Trauma Reconstruction

Dr. Jenkins has extensive training in the care and treatment of traumatic injuries to the face and jaws. He is on staff at multiple local hospitals as part of the facial trauma team. He specializes in restoring your injury to the most cosmetic and functional form possible. If you have a traumatic facial injury, call or request Dr. Jenkins to be your facial trauma surgeon.

Traumatic Injuries to the face and Jaws

Dr. Jenkins specializes in the majority of traumatic facial injuries including:

· Facial fractures of the frontal sinus, orbits, zygoma, nasal bones, maxilla, and mandible.
· Soft tissue injuries of the face and head
· Dental trauma

Facial Fracture Repair

The most common causes of facial fractures are assaults, sports injuries, accidental falls, and motor vehicle accidents. Whatever the cause, as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Jenkins has unique and extensive training in the repair of fractured facial bones including fractures of the frontal sinus, nasal bones, orbits, zygoma (cheekbone), maxilla, and mandible. Because of his facial cosmetic surgery experience, Dr. Jenkins is able to reconstruct facial fractures to their proper form, and access the fractures through cosmetically placed and repaired incisions. This leaves the patient with the most esthetic result possible. Additionally, his training as an oral and maxillofacial surgeon allows him to repair your facial fractures without compromising the way your teeth meet, and the look of your smile. If you have a facial fracture, Dr. Jenkins will give you the best result possible.

Soft Tissue Injuries of the Face

Traumatic soft tissue injuries to the face (lacerations, avulsions, etc.) are usually repaired by suturing, however, some injuries may be amenable to repair by skin adhesives or wound closure strips. When repaired correctly, most facial lacerations are able to heal without any complications, due to the excellent blood supply to the face. Repairing a facial wound correctly, however, can be quite challenging. Not only is the face the most important esthetic component of your body, but lacerations of the face often involve important structures such as nerves, glands, ducts, and blood vessels, which will need specific repair. Since the face is such an important area of esthetics and so complex in structure, it is important to have a facial specialist repair soft tissue injuries. As an oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Jenkins specializes in repair of soft tissue injuries to the face. Dr. Jenkins also specializes in revision surgery. If you have a scar that is not esthetic, it is never too late to revise it and make it less noticeable.

Dental Trauma

Injuries to the teeth come in many forms: Luxations (changes in tooth position), Avulsions (tooth knocked out), and fractured teeth. If you have a tooth that has changed position (luxation) it will need to be repositioned and stabilized as soon as possible. If you have a tooth knocked out (avulsion), the most important factors for success are transport medium, and time to re-implantation. Place the tooth in milk and try to contact Dr. Jenkins, or your dental specialist, as soon as possible for re-implantation and stabilization. Try not to touch the root of the tooth and avoid wiping the root surface off, as the root ligaments are vital to the success of the re-implantation. The sooner the tooth is re-implanted, the higher the chance of success.

Facial Protection

Prevention is the best way to avoid a traumatic facial injury. It is always important to wear appropriate facial protection during high risk activities: helmets, face masks, mouth guards, etc. Even with correct prevention, it is not possible to prevent all facial injuries. If you have a facial injury, you can trust your care in the hands of Dr. Jenkins.


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